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Forty years of crowd-pleasing shows!

Erecting the Set for
“A Christmas Story”

  • Dressing the set

A Christmas Story

Thursday, December 5 – 7:00
Friday, December 6 – 7:00
Saturday, December 7 – 7:00
Sunday, December 8 – 1:30

The President’s Message

It’s hard to believe that we are in the last month of rehearsals for our Christmas show. Many new members have joined NFLT for this production and all of them are children. “A Christmas Story” revolves around a young boy’s overwhelming desire to get a BB gun for Christmas. Lochlan Hammond is cast in the role of Ralphie, the main character in the story. His adult counterpart “Ralph” is portrayed by Brian Robertson who is essentially the Narrator throughout the play reliving that particular childhood Christmas. The new kids in this show are enjoying the unique experience of playing a part on stage with fellow veteran actors like Braidey Merrigan and Sloane Putnam. They are all memorizing their lines and cues to make this show a Christmas celebration. 
XXXThe first three or four rehearsals were held at the Tichborne Rehearsal Hall because we did not get confirmation from the Limestone Board about using the school. Now our situation at GREC has changed and we must pay for all rehearsals and performances.
XXXOur Little Theatre has enjoyed a very amicable arrangement with the High School in the past but that no longer exists. Our ability to continue performing at the High School now hangs in the balance. If you enjoy coming out to see live theatre performed in your community please let your voice be heard. Our community and surrounding communities have shown us their support for 40 years. That is an incredible accomplishment in a small village such as ours. Now is not the time to give up. For the sake of all the young actors in this production we must work to preserve this Theatrical Company and keep those stage lights shining.

July 1, 2019 CANADA DAY
Our 40th Anniversary Song
Our 40th Reunion

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