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Forty years of crowd-pleasing shows!

In Memory of the Wonderful Steve Scantlebury


It is with saddened hearts that North Frontenac Little Theatre shares the passing of Steve Scantlebury, a behind-the-scenes volunteer who enriched our theatre group with his set construction skills, artistic insights and wry sense of humour.
xxxxxIt was his wife, Barb, (already a volunteer with us) who suggested to him that helping NFLT might be something he would enjoy in his retirement.
Initially signing up with the backstage crew for the production of “The Little Mermaid”, he went on to work on a variety of plays and stage projects, including “The Boy Wonder” and our transition from the Granite Ridge Education Centre into the Oso Community Hall.
xxxxxAlthough he never liked calling himself a carpenter, he always left us spellbound with his workmanship and dedication. For example, when he thought the bow of the ship featured in “The Little Memaid” was lacking something, he made a special trip down to Kingston for spindles that he used to create a deck railing.
xxxxxAnd when director Jeff Siamon asked him to build a unique flat arrangement for an office set in “The Boy Wonder”, some thought for sure that Steve had met his match. But he persevered in a superhuman way and got the makeshift wall erected – with a working door and all!
xxxxxHis construction of a specialized cabinet in the Oso Hall to house our new theatre lights set up (with his partner in crime, Rudy Hollywood), demonstrated his love of a challenge, his gift for design and his superb carpentry skills.
xxxxxNorth Frontenac Little Theatre will sorely miss our good friend and dedicated volunteer, Steve Scantlebury. And I’m sure that whenever we’re in a quandary, and pause with a cup of Cardinal Café coffee, we’ll think of Steve and ask, “Hey, what would Steve do?” And on with the show it will be.
Thanks Steve. Well done!

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